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Right now instead of studying like crazy for an exam for a class that is completely bogus I am on here, browsing wordpress and writing this post. I’m not a bad student who procrastinates, I’m usually the one doing non-stop work, but i’m┬ánot perfect either. For a friend, instead of writing his paper he is out getting food at 10pm, instead of doing work earlier today my friend went bike riding. Instead, Instead, Instead. But what’s wrong with instead if it’s used in moderation? A lot of things are good for you in moderation, like food for example. I little dessert won’t hurt if you have it every now and then and not indulge in it every night. I like to think that my “instead” is okay every now and then too, I mean I need to fit in a break here and there, right? Except when it’ll bite me in the butt when I take the exam and struggle on a question or two and wish I took this time to study. Oh well. I will get to it soon. But what is your “instead?” What do you turn to when your life is chaotic, what you turn to and in the back of your mind you’re thinking, “I shouldn’t be doing this right now, I have too much going on.” Do you stop, or reason through it?