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Should You Let it Go?

Have you ever gone through your closet and pull out items you’ve had for years, that most likely in your last clean-out decided that you may need it for something? And if you’re like me, you didn’t use it and you probably never will, but there’s some kind of pull inside you that won’t let you give it up. A good example of this was when my family and I were looking through some old family photos and we came across one of me at six years old in my cow halloween costume holding out a pack of mermaid stickers from my pumpkin candy bucket. The second I saw those stickers in the photo, I knew I’ve seen those before not too long ago. So of course I ran upstairs, pulled open the drawer of my nightstand and pulled out the exact, unopened pack of mermaid stickers from the photo. Now those stickers have been around a long time and yet I still kept them. Why? I don’t know, I don’t really have a need for those stickers anymore, I should toss them or give them away to one of my cute little neighbors who would appreciate them. They’re still in my drawer collecting dust and holding that memory of that night of trick or treating. My closet is filled with boxes of old stuff with meaning and many without, by all means I am not a hoarder, I could easily go up there and toss a bunch of stuff out without a second thought, but I think everyone has those items that takes a while to completely throw away or give a new home. It doesn’t even have to be an object, it could be a thought that won’t go away because it has some sort of significance, or a person who, even though may cause some problems, is someone you can’t go without.

There’s almost a process to go by to rid yourself of unnecessary items, you need to 1) discover it 2) analyze it (what is holding you back from discarding it, and also, what will you lose by discarding said item) and 3) Action, making the move to discard it or put it in safe keeping, but an important part of it is following through, you can’t just put the item in the “throw away” pile and then end up stuffing it back into the closet because you are either unsure of your choice, or you don’t feel like taking it to a trash recepticle or to a new home. Of course, not everything you discover should be tossed, some things hold such important memories that you will want to have for the majority of your life, until you are completely and utterly ready to give it up. The love of your life, that’s something you want to hold on to, don’t toss that into the “throw away” pile unless there is no possible way to work things out or something happened that threatened your life and beliefs. Items for your future are also very important, little reminders of your pasts can help you avoid mistakes or motivate you to continue you on with strength and courage to achieve a successful future.

But it all comes down to one question: Should you let it go? Should it stay with you? What will be different without it in your life?