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I’m a Liar and I Suck

So, just wanted to say I’m sorry about breaking my promise about starting up the Storytime Fridays once I got on break. And I do have excuses such as the holidays and work (tons of it), but there was this other factor that came up. I have been working on a book, my second one and I really want to make progress with it so I had to choose between pushing that aside and doing my short stories once a week or dedicating my time to my novel. I chose the novel, not because I don’t like writing short stories, because I do, but because I haven’t been able to sit down and focus just on my novel in a long time and I believe it was about time that I did just that. I am still interested in Storytime Fridays, they won’t go away, but there will be the times where I’ll miss a Friday or two. So just wanted  to give you a heads up and let you know that I suck for breaking my promise.



Story Time

So I’ve decided that I want to incorporate my writing in these blogs and on Fridays I am going to post a short story on here, right now the topic will be random, maybe later I’ll ask for requests for the topics of the coming up story. So starting this Friday, November 11th I will post the first one.